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Hand Me Down Dobes
Doberman Pet Food and Treats

Wondering what to feed your Dobe? A high quality dog food is best to keep him healthy and happy. Our dogs are fed a chicken-based brand of adult dry (kibble) dog food and we find they thrive on this food. It is tasty (for them), easily digestible, nutritious, and provides excellent value for the money. Your Dobe may have health conditions that require a specialized diet. If so, we'll let you know.

If you decide to start your Dobe on a different diet, you should gradually transition him from our food to the new food over the course of a few days. You can do so by giving him a mixture of the following:

* Days 1 - 2: 75% of our food with 25% of the new food
* Days 3 - 4: 50% of each
* Days 5 - 6: 25% of our food with 75% of the new food
* Day 7: 100% of the new food

Why is it important to transition your Dobe to his new food? If you don't, he may suffer from soft stools or even diarrhea.

How much to feed your Dobe

The amount you should feed your Dobe will depend upon his size, activity level, and the type of food. The quantity recommended on the package is not necessarily the correct amount for your dog. You will need to increase or decrease this amount based on changes in your Dobe's weight, health and lifestyle. Just be careful not to overfeed your Dobe. This is very unhealthy and will shorten his life. If you can't feel his ribs, he is too fat.

How Often to Feed Your Dobe

While in their foster homes, our dogs are fed twice a day. We recommend you follow this same schedule:

* In the morning, place half of his daily allowance of food in a bowl
* Put it down and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes
* If he doesn't eat it, take the bowl away (most Dobes will eat everything in the bowl immediately)
* In the evening, put the other half of his food in front of him
* Put it down and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes

Why not just feed him when he's hungry? Many Dobes will gobble down all their food and then act as though they are starving. Don't be fooled by this "I'm starving" act! We do NOT recommend "free-feeding" (this is when you leave food out constantly for your dog). Remember, an obese dog's lifespan will be significantly shortened.

Say NO to Table Scraps

Your Dobe has his own food, and you have yours. Don't allow him to get the two confused. By giving him food while you are at the table, you are training him to pester you and your dinner guests. Why purposely make training more difficult? Moreover, most table scraps are not good for him and will make it difficult for him to maintain a healthy weight.


Just like human "treats" such as potato chips and cookies, dog treats have calories. Be careful not to "over-treat" your dog. Believe it or not, raw carrots or celery are an excellent treat! The dogs like the crunch and they have very few calories. Who knew?

Caution: Never feed your dog grapes, raisins or chocolate!

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