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Hand Me Down Dobes 25 Year Anniversary
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Welcome to Hand Me Down Dobes

Welcome and please join us as we celebrate our Twenty-Fifth Year saving Dobermans! Hand Me Down Dobes began as part of the forward thinking rescue "movement" that was gaining speed in the early 1990's and since then our nonprofit charitable organization has placed well over two thousand dogs into loving, forever homes! Learn more about us.

Some of the Dobes that come into our care are homeless, lost and never looked for, or just unwanted.  Some of them have suffered from abuse and neglect.  Others are sorrowfully surrendered because their owners can no longer care for them due to unfortunate family circumstances or major life changes.  Less frequent are the dogs that come to us from cruel environments or from disreputable breeders such as puppy mills.

We take the health of our rescued dogs seriously and they receive immediate and thorough veterinary care with a comprehensive exam by a veterinarian, vaccinations so the dog is up-to-date on Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Canine Influenza, as well as a heartworm and fecal test. The dog is treated for any medical issues, spayed or neutered, microchipped and placed on preventatives for heartworms as well as fleas and ticks. Occasionally dogs have more serious health issues where they receive care from a veterinary specialist.

Dobermans form strong bonds with their people even when neglected or mistreated. Aware of the emotional trauma they experience when losing their home, we place all of our rescues into caring foster homes where they receive the love, attention and time needed to emotionally heal before they find their forever home.

Although we are a large rescue, we provide personal, attentive support throughout the adoption process—and after! From application through adoption—and for the life of the dog----we are here for you. While attending our adoption event you are able to meet many purebred Dobermans, talk with their foster parents and narrow down which dog is the best match for you, your home, and lifestyle. Our dogs range in age, energy level, training needs and home requirements. We are knowledgeable and experienced with Dobes and the dogs in our rescue, and will assist you in finding the right match for you as well as the dog. At any given time we have 10 to 20 Dobermans awaiting the loving, forever home they deserve. Will it be yours? Learn more about our adoption process.

Not ready to adopt but want to help a Doberman? Then fostering is for you!

Save a Life - Become a Foster Parent

The dogs we rescue are placed into foster homes so they experience the warmth and security of a safe and loving home until they are adopted. We are in desperate need of good foster homes as currently there are more dogs needing to come into our rescue than we have openings. We provide EVERYTHING you need to care for the dog including a crate, dog food, a collar and leash, toys, dog sweater or coat, cover ALL veterinary costs including preventative heartworm and flea/tick medication. We also provide liability insurance coverage. We give you 24/7 support with assistance and advice ALWAYS just a phone call, text or email away! All we ask of you is to give a sweet dog the love and attention it needs while waiting to find its forever home. Fostering is a joyful experience that results in excited, happy adopters while the lucky dog finds just the right home for him or her.  

We rescue dogs like Tyson. This sweet and friendly boy came to us from an Ohio shelter. He had been hit by a car receiving serious abrasions and a broken leg, and due to a painful infection the leg had to be amputated. Tyson was picked up from the shelter and immediately placed into one of our caring foster homes. Tyson has been adopted by a loving family and is now a Certified Therapy Dog bringing hope and happiness to the lives of others. Please make a difference and fill out your application to foster today. Questions? Contact us at (614) 470-2851.

Please Join Us!

2019 Hills Market Pizza to support Hand Me Down Dobes
We're ready for our Forever Homes!

Join Us for our next Adoption Event!

** SATURDAY **, June 8th, 12:00-2:00, * * Location - Pet People * *, 1317 Cameron Avenue, Lewis Center, OH 43035

We welcome visitors, but you will need to be approved before adopting. Go to our Adoption Process page to find out how!

Please donate to help Kris!

Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down DobesIt has been exactly one month since we received the call from an Ohio county shelter regarding Shiraz, our emaciated girl with the broken leg. Another call has come in about an emaciated male Dobe picked up as a stray.  Once again, we jumped into action. This 2 yr old youngster weighs in at 43 lbs, his proper weight should be between 75-85 lbs. We have named him Kris (Kringle) to celebrate his amazing and giving spirit.  Remarkably, he has a magnificent temperament! He is, of course, starving, but wants to snuggle, kiss and nibble every human he meets. He melted the hearts of the humane officers, shelter staff, and vet clinic staff who were lucky enough to meet him. As the shelter intake coordinator stated, "he is everything a Doberman should be." This young man is a testament to the resiliency of Dobermans. Time and time again we see dogs who have been neglected, abused, and cast aside by humans, yet they are able to remain loyal, obedient and true. 

Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down DobesWithin 24 hours of joining the HMDD family, Kris has had a full medical work up, has begun a re-feeding schedule, and tonight will be sleeping in the loving arms of his foster mom. He will never know hunger or neglect again.

Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down DobesAs we approach our 25th anniversary as a rescue, we would like to take this time to thank YOU, our supporters, who help us continue our mission to save these majestic animals.  During this season of optimism and hope, we feel blessed to be able to rescue and rehabilitate dogs like Shiraz and Kris. To be able to answer the call to help dogs in desperate need, without hesitation, is a result of the support of our donors, foster parents, transporters, and those who work tirelessly, day after day, behind the scenes. Again, thank you!

***UPDATE January 19, 2019***

Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down DobesKris is feeling better every day!  Just look at those bright, soft eyes and perky ears!  He is steadily gaining weight, his stamina is increasing and he is more playful.  He made his first playbow to his foster brother this past week and is beginning to reciprocate the "language" of dog.  He had some excitement recently in his foster home due to a faulty carbon monoxide detector sending a false alarm to the local fire station.  The fire squad arrived with sirens blaring and lights blinking.  Kris was totally unfazed by the experience and thought the firefighters in their hats and bulky coats were wonderful guests!  He loved all their attention and petting once it was determined there was no problem.  He continues to be a sweet cuddle bug and charming young fellow.  As the shelter intake coordinator so accurately described him, he is truly "everything a Doberman should be".  We are grateful to all that support our worthy cause!

***UPDATE March 11, 2019***

Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down DobesLike a giant puppy, Kris starts every day with enthusiasm and excitement. Nothing makes him happier than when his foster mom and high school daughter return home from work or school where they are greeted with exuberance! He now weighs 66 pounds which is a gain of 23 pounds since being with us! Kris enjoys his daily walks and romping in the backyard. He plays nicely with his Doberman foster brother and is not a bossy boy. As if deprived of sensory experiences as a pup, he is still very nibbly and licky, and with quick, excited movements sometimes inadvertently delivers an unexpected pinch. Due to his previous emaciation, food continues to be scrumptious for Kris. No surprise that the sights and smells of food are still beyond his ability for self-control, and he has done best with being in a different room while food is being prepared and enjoyed by his foster family. As we go to print, Kris is continuing to fill out and settle in foster care. We are also continuing to learn more about who he is, and what type of home will be best for him. Kris the doberman at Hand Me Down Dobes


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