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Sophie the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe are so sad to share that our lovable Sophie girl lost her battle with cancer on February 1st of this year. We adopted Sophie, in July of 2015 when she was 3 years old, and instantly we were inseparable. She was the truest version of a Velcro-girl and we loved every minute of it. We knew right away that Sophie had suffered from a horrible life prior to coming to HMDD and to her foster family. She had sores on all of her joints, but she was ready to be in a comfy home and adjusted immediately! In her first year with us she even gained 20 lbs - topping the scales at 110lbs (a very big Dobergirl!)

Over her two and a half years with us, Sophie became very accustomed to her home and loved her daily walks up until her last days. Her favorite things in life were ice cream, soup bones, any food that we were eating, her lamb chop toy, and chasing squirrels.

Sophie the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIn June of 2017, Sophie was having some trouble with her back leg so we took her to the vet. We were so saddened to learn that she had bone cancer and would require an amputation of her back right leg. Although we were all scared, Sophie adjusted immediately and was up and down the stairs on her first day home. We knew that she still had some more time in her, so we decided to do chemo and she fought like a champ for 7 months! Once it seemed like she was suffering too much, we knew it was time.

We are so grateful to the staff at the VCA Great Lakes in Warrensville Heights for working with us through her journey, to the staff at Inn the Doghouse (Sophie's doggie daycare home away from home where she visited once a week), and the team at Hand Me Down Dobes for bringing our Sophie girl into our lives. She will be terribly missed by us and our entire families.

- The Mastracco Family




Pippin the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIn February 2011, we were blessed with a wonderful Doberman girl named Pippin. From what we learned, she was picked up as a stray in Stark County, Ohio, then transferred to Hand Me Down Dobes for fostering and adoption. Jeff Rupnow was her foster Dad; she was estimated to be about a year and a half old. When we came to an adoption event, our older Dobie “Weezie” took to her and she rode home with us that day.

In the beginning, she was a little timid, ate voraciously, and was an excellent companion in the car. She was the most Velcro-dog we have ever had (and we are on our fifth Dobie). She was smart, gave super-sweet kisses, played well with others, and was our guard dog (to the dismay of the UPS and FedEx guys!!). Anyone can view an online picture of her by googling “Pippin the Doberman in Pickerington Ohio.”

We got her from hmdd.org when we lived in the Columbus, OH area. About a year or so ago, we moved to northern Michigan for retirement. We built a house and made sure to include a fenced-in back yard for our girls, present and future.

Pippin the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesPlease accept this donation from us in memory of Pippin. We were blessed to be her Mom and Dad for six wonderful years. Unfortunately, she developed metastatic cancer and succumbed to it in April. We made sure she did not suffer. She has been cremated and her ashes will remain at our house.

Pippin was a blessing. We will never forget her little face. She was truly “Daddy’s Little Girl”.
- Mary Jo McElroy and Jeff McClune




Oz the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesI adopted OZ after losing my other Dobie of 8 years. OZ was my second foster and it was love at first sight. He was sweet, loving, and even trained to all commands. He became my soulmate dog friend. We would hike everyday. He would run and jump over logs, smelling everything new and wonderful. He loved going to our lake house and hanging out with his dog cousins. Blessed beyond measure to have had him for 5 years, he died of an apparent heart attack when we were hiking on Dec. 28th. He didn’t suffer, and I was right next to him when he took his last breath. He died doing what he loved the most, running in the woods. I picked up “Miles” yesterday, he is my 5th doberman in 30 years. Again, a sweet loving Dobie boy who I immediately connected with, now he will be in his forever home. I don’t even second guess myself when choosing to rescue again. The unconditional love dogs give back is worth the heartache of losing your best friend.
- Janie Oka




Kitzel the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesI made a promise to Kitzel that I would not let her feel pain in her life. Today, I kept that promise. Kitz has been so brave and full of love and joy over the last few weeks. But today, she let me know she was tired of fighting and was ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

I could not have asked for a more loyal and loving doberman. Thank you to Hand Me Down Dobes for taking this once broken dobie into the program. Kitz rescued me by filling the void in my heart left by the passing of my first dobe, Zoe. Together, we healed one another. I hope they are together chasing cats and squirrels. I will miss you sweet baby girl. Thank you for all the lives you have touched in this world...

Channon Gross






Jingle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesThis memorial is for Jingle, adopted March 2008, crossed the rainbow bridge Sept-11-2016.

We felt it was time to find a nice companion for Our Lab Shelby after the loss of her best friend Samson our first Dobie. We went to one of the adoption events and met a bunch of great dogs. But there was one that stood out, A young doberboy running around taking things he wasn’t supposed to, getting in to mischief, and keeping the people with big water bottles busy breaking up the little ruckuses he was causing with the other dobes, some twice his size . He was on the go constantly. My wife commented, "I bet he’s the one we end up with, he’s a maniac.” Our first Doberman had filled a similar role in our home and we were missing the energy he took with him. We found out this dobe's name was Jingle.

Jingle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe brought him home and he found our bed in a matter of minutes and it instantly became his favorite spot. We would often find him snuggled into a nest of comforter and pillows he had made for himself. He could even cover himself up when he was cold. We were all very happy. We started going to the dog parks and letting Jingle and Shelby play. Jingle loved going on his walks. He would get excited when we brought in the leash. That went on for 4 years then our lab passed. Once again we found ourselves with heavy hearts and a mopy Jingle. We ended up rescuing another Dobie, Rico (a local rescue.) He came into the house, picked up a bone and never looked back. Jingle and Rico hit it off great and have been together ever since. Jingle was still the man of the house even though Rico outweighed him by 15-20 lbs. It was funny to watch Jingle go after Rico and make him hide behind our recliner. This happened every morning and evening. Jingle also liked to steal socks. We called him a sock thief. He was so sneaky. One minute he was next to you the next he’s running away shaking his prize. And oh yeah, he didn't like cats or squirrels; he was all Doberman!

Jingle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesHe had slowed down some with age and battled diabetes and a heart murmur but it never stopped him. He still loved his walks although they were a little shorter. He still liked meeting people where ever he was and enjoyed giving a dobie nose kiss to kids his height. He was always such a happy boy. He passed suddenly while walking on one of his favorite trails. He was happy and so full of life up to the end. I guess that’s why it is so devastating. He was having the time of his life and was acting like a young pup. So our hearts are broken over his loss and many tears have been shed even as I’m writing his final farewell.

Jingle, thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. You will not be forgotten, there will always be a Jingle sized hole in our hearts.

Thank you so much for what HMDD has done for so many,
Chris and Tonia Butler



Dante the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe adopted Dante in October of 2001. The fosters were moving, so they were anxious to adopt out the litter. Dante was the only puppy sitting back observing his littermates coming to greet us. We decided that he was the one, he looked like an all-black Doberman.

He was a goof. . . from completely pulling the blanket cover through his crate to his “tough guy” play acting, he never really lost that puppy mentality. His sense of humor was great, but his intelligence made him very trainable. He adapted well to the Rottweiler we rescued, and later, the Labrador we adopted. Over the past year, his advanced age began to catch up with him and decided it was time to let him go.

He was a great companion, buddy, and will be sorely missed. It’s not often you get 15 years with a dog, and with Dante, it still didn’t seem like it was enough.

April & Arden Haynes



Nelly the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIt is with a heavy heart we share the news that our beloved Nelly (Holly) has passed away. Nelly adopted us almost 9 years ago when she was just two years old. She was a leader, full of joy, and loved all people and dogs. She showed Spooky how to be a dog. As Spooky's health failed in 2010, she took in Bear (Schotzie) from HMDD.

Nelly the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesThree years ago, we took in Gemma, and Nelly taught her how to be the boss. We were so blessed to be part of her world for nine years. She was the queen, our #1, sweet red dobe girl. We will miss her every day as her forever home is forever in our hearts. "I love you forever" were words she knew very well.

Thank you HMDD. In loving memory of Nelly Jane Cameron.

Tina & Todd Cameron, Bear and Gemma



Mira the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIt is with great sadness that we announce that little Mira passed away. We were hoping we would have more time with her and be able to celebrate her second birthday but it was not to be. Her seizures were just too much for her to body to handle and it just shut down.

She was given that name because she was a miracle. She was a pleasant little girl and full of life. She was deprived of oxygen and suffered brain damage and blindness. She did recover some of her sight and began to develop into a playful pup. She had many limitations but that did not seem to bother her or her other dog and cat siblings who accepted her just as she was.

Mira the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesMira loved many things and especially sneaking into the bed room and taking a nap in her travel carrier or curling up on her brother’s doggy bed. We could not find her a couple of times in the house. Most rooms were gated so we knew she was not too far away or in any trouble. She was found in the bedroom, of course, under the bed sleeping and another time in the bedroom closet sound asleep. We don’t know how she wedged herself under the bed but she did!

She had a few favorite items and they were tissue paper, paper towel tubes and towels. She had trouble grasping with her mouth so her toys were flat and things she could grab easily and shake.

We think about her every day and she will be in our hearts forever. All that knew her miss her too. She gave us many months of joy, taught us many lessons and an appreciation for all things living with or without limitations. May Mira be running and playing free of physical and mental limitations when she crosses the rainbow bridge to join the rest of the Shafer dogs, cats, and birds that will be waiting for their special friend….Peace be with you little Mira!!!

Jeff and Jessica Shafer - HMDD Volunteer, Foster parents, and Mira’s mom and dad.



Lexi the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesThis memorial is for Lexie, adopted in 2014. She deserves to have her story told. We have had 7 Dobermans over the years. Hutch (who we adopted from HMDD) was #6 and when his "girlfriend" passed away we went to the HMDD web site to see who was available. After a few months of searching the site, there was Lexie. It was love at first sight just from her bio and photo! So off we went from eastern Indiana to Ohio to meet her. Again, the minute I saw her I knew! Her focus on her foster mom was intense, but calm. I immediately said I wanted her. Upon adoption we were told she had malformed kidneys. I didn't care, I wanted her anyway. Of course as soon as we brought her home, we took her to our vet. After her blood work was completed came the bad news. Her kidneys weren't functioning properly and our vet gave her about a year to live... We took her to Purdue University and did everything possible to help her. She lived almost 2 1/2 years!!!

Who knows all of her troubled past, but what we did know was sad. She was starved almost to death and covered in sores and found by a Humane Society. They rehabilitated her and found adopters who kept her for a year. During that time, she went from 30 lbs to 80 lbs! She gained 50 lbs!!! She was extremely overweight! Then she was taken back to the Humane Society because she was too "needy". HMDD brought her into their rescue and she was fostered until I adopted her.

Lexi the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWhat amazes me and prompts me to write this story is her personality. After all she had been thru, she was the perfect dog. She was kind, gentle, fun loving and a testament to the breed. She never met a dog or person she didn't like. She was a gentle soul. Of all of the Dobermans we have had, she stands out among them. I never heard her growl. She hardly barked (except at a treed squirrel). She always came when called and had street smarts. Hutch loved her the minute he saw her and he did not warm up to dogs immediately. He knew as well as I did, how special she was going to be. It was love at first sight! Lexie, you were an inspiration and a joy.......

Karen Weddell and Family



Rocky the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe were fortunate to have Rocky adopt us in 2010. We were at an HMDD adoption event and this big old red Doberman, that had big open sores from being locked in a garage on a concrete floor with every rib showing came and pushed the cute little female Doberman (Nina) I was thinking of adopting right out of the way.

Then when my husband came over, the big red Doberman proceeded to jump on the steps higher than we were sitting and put his head on my husband’s shoulder. Being putty in this Doberman’s paws, my husband, walked out to the car to get our other 2 Dobermans to see if the 3 would get along but Rocky followed him to the gate as if to say “Hey, don’t forget me?”

Rocky the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWell, Rocky came home with us and he topped out at 110lbs of the most loveable, gentlest guy you ever saw. Everyone loved Rocky. HMDD thought he was about 8 when we adopted him, so he was almost 14 years old when he succumbed to a tumor of the spleen. He also had a bad hip at the end and a lot of arthritis but when the refrigerator opened he managed to turn so he got traction on his good hip and was right in front to see what he could get. He had such good hearing he could even hear the treat closet open on the other side of the house.

Rocky wasn’t the most trained Doberman when we got him. He ate $100 worth of cd’s that were borrowed from the library, he ate the arms out of my husband’s leather motorcycle jacket and wasn’t really housed trained, but he did get with the program after a couple months of crate training and was able to have the run of the house again unsupervised.

Rocky the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesHis buddy Shadow died 2 months ago and we adopted 3 year old Sammie from HMDD, she gave him a new lease on life and became his arm candy. But his health issues caught up with him.

We will remember him lying on the bed, on the leather couch in the living room, his pillow in the TV room and wearing his red polar fleece coat. He was a man’s Doberman, but at the end he saw the value of a mommy. He was well loved and we shall miss him and have no doubt that Shadow is waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Amy and Bob Caslow/Maynard



Danner the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe adopted Danner on October 13, 2012. At the time, our hearts were still wounded from the unexpected loss of our dobe, Billy, who was with us only a very short time. Danner helped us to move forward and find joy again to balance the grief we were feeling over Billy.

Danner loved meeting new people, throwing his big head into the sides of strangers for some love. He was not shy about expressing his need for love at home, pushing his nose into our heads from behind the couch, nudging us with his head or nose, and pawing for more even when we had a hand on him. He would gently nibble our arms, our cats, his dog girlfriends; a behavior we lovingly called “corn-cobbing”. Whenever he was with us we always had a loving hand (or a foot when he was laying on the floor) on him. He insisted on constant touch and we were happy to give it.

Danner the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesDanner enjoyed long daily walks and runs, hikes in the Metroparks, and playing with his dog buddies of all sizes. We enjoyed teaching him new tricks and he was a fast learner. Danner loved going for car rides and was a volunteer for HMDD at meet and greets and other events. He was playful with his cat siblings and ever so sweet to his much smaller and older dog brother, Chief. He even took corrections from Chief without a complaint.

A few weeks ago Danner was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma and even with treatment, given a life expectancy of a year or less. He was only seven years old so we opted to do chemo. He had two rounds of chemo and was acting like himself. In an unexpected and sad twist, on Monday February 8th, Danner got bloat. We knew surgery was not an option given his cancer, so we said goodbye to our sweet love.

Danner the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesDanner’s life and passing remind us of many of life’s lessons. In life Danner reminds us: don’t be afraid to show love or ask for it from those you love, make lots of new friends, find the joy in everything you do, respect your elders and those that are different from you. Danner’s passing reminds us: we don’t know how things are going to end, even when it appears like we do. Be present, be grateful, be in the moment, and live for today. We didn’t know when we adopted Danner that not quite three and half years later we would write his memorial. We are grateful though, for every moment we had.

Rest in peace, sweet Danner.

Kerri and Jay



Jake the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIt was August 29th, 2007, when I met Jacob, "Jake." He initially came to me as a foster. HMDD was upfront with me about their fostering rules and told me I would not be able to adopt him, since this was the first dog I ever fostered. Well, long story short, I immediately fell in love with him and given his history of being moved from home to home, HMDD decided it was okay to bend the rules for him. A few weeks later, the adoption was complete at Doberfest. He was so excited, running around the dog park and jumping off the pier into the water!

Jake the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesJake brought pure joy to our lives for 8.5 years. He was such a sweet and gentle soul. He loved playing farmer picking tomatoes off the plants in the garden, hunting for hidden treats around the house, rolling over for belly rubs, sunbathing, playing with his many "babies" (toys), going to his grandparents house to go on "vacation" and getting a "blow dryer rub" - he loved the warmth of the hair dryer as he lacked a little fur due to his thyroid. He also loved going for walks. Each time he was out, we would get asked what kind of dog he was (people are not used to seeing fawn dobes apparently) and he would get compliments on how handsome he was. I could not argue as I was a little biased! And he was the best snuggler EVER! He often didn't recognize his size, trying to get into your lap. His favorite spot was right next to you, with his big head in your lap, getting his ears rubbed. He was the true definition of a velcro dog, always wanting to be by your side, no matter where you were. That is what made him happy, being with his humans!

Jake the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe sadly had to say goodbye to Jake on January 30th, 2016. He had an inoperable nerve sheath tumor in his right front leg. Amputation was not an option given his age and arthritis in both back legs. We kept him comfortable and happy up until his last day. As time progressed, he lost his ability to bear weight on his leg. As we watched him attempt to walk, we knew it was time to let him go. He passed away in our arms, showered with love and tears. Our house now feels empty, silent, almost uncomfortable. No words can express how much we miss him and all the love he gave us. We know it will take time to heal, but look forward to the hopes of one day, having another rescue dog...after all, that is what Jake would want us to do. He was rescued from a kill shelter and ended up living the most wonderful life. He would want another dog to have that same chance he was given.

All I can say is this: THANK YOU HMDD for bending the rules and giving Jake to me! He was the greatest gift I have ever received!!!

Megan Case



Shadow the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe lost Penny on December 15, 2015 after her brief but brave fight with leukemia. We would like this memorial to be a celebration of Penny's life and for her to be remembered for her love of everything and everyone. Many foster dogs came through her front door over the years and even though Penny was the “alpha”, she was tolerant of each and every one of them. She spent countless hours at events throughout the state changing people’s opinion of this breed. We met people that were so afraid of Dobermans that they would not go near them, not realizing that the sweet dog with the soft, natural ears they were petting was one! Penny had eyes that were like windows into her soul. She was so expressive and vocal that you could almost tell what she was saying. When she was thinking she would move her nose from side to side and when she was not happy she would puff her cheeks. Always ready for a gentle touch, Penny would politely get you to pet her by nudging your arm, putting her head against your leg, or leaning her whole body against you.

Shadow the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe adopted Tasha a few months after Penny, and the two girls bonded like they were sisters. With so many foster dogs coming and going, they seemed to look after each other. Tasha misses Penny a lot.

Shadow the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesAlthough we had Penny only five short years, she was a big part of our family and our memories of her will last a lifetime. We were very blessed that she “adopted” us. It will be hard to find another Dobe that can come even close to filling this empty space we now have in our hearts, but we know he or she is out there.

We miss you, Pennybear.

John Williams and Family



Shadow the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOur sweet Shadow Ann passed on Dec 5, 2015, she was a Daddy’s girl to the end. She battled cancer. We adopted her from HMDD when she was about 18 months old and the vet said she was almost 13 years old when she passed. The years just go by. She loved her clothes, sparkle necklaces and especially liked to be nice and warm. She slept at the bottom of our bed and often woke us up running in her sleep. We thought while we were rested, she must be tired from all that activity.

Shadow the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesShe kept the two boys in line and enjoyed her yard. She would lie in the middle of it just looking at the sky, the birds and just everything all day if we let her. Her favorite activity was to dig holes all around the yard; especially it was great fun to dig up all the hostas and day lilies. We secretly think she was at the rescue because of her activities. We didn’t care; we just replanted them and brought in another load of dirt.

She will greatly be missed. We loved her and we know that the boys were waiting for her as she went over the rainbow bridge where she will never hurt anymore.

Amy and Bob Caslow/Maynard



Luke the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOur sweet boy, Luke sadly crossed the rainbow bridge October 19, 2015. We are not sure what happened. Luke passed at home and had not been ill. Our family is so very devastated of this great loss.

Luke the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOur family rescued Luke on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 and he was believed to have been around 2-2 ½ years old at the time. I think Luke rescued us! Luke, or sometimes we called him Lukas, was so spoiled and slept in the bed with us. He shared our home with two other dogs, Missy, a black lab and Morpheus a basset hound/beagle mix, along with our children, Brendon and Hannah. Luke was a favorite of my daycare kids and was the only dog I could trust to be around the young kids because of his gentle nature. Luke was a therapy dog for my husband, Rick when his vertigo would act up at night, and he would just lay and pet Luke and that would help. Luke loved to run in our fenced in yard and he would go crazy when he would spot a squirrel on our fence or a stray cat! He loved to lay in the yard on a sunny day and loved to play with rope toys and toys covered in tennis ball material. Luke loved to curl up on the couch and dig the couch cover and blanket so he could curl up inside it. He would always be lying with someone on the couch and he knew if someone in the family wasn’t feeling well and would be there to comfort them. The worst thing he ever really did was what I called dumpster diving and he would root through a trash can just for attention!

Luke the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesLuke is close by our family, laid to rest in our back yard with a memorial stone with his photo and a memorial plaque that I made and painted for him that says rescued 2008-2015. We also have a memorial stand in our home set up in his honor with his HMDD martingale brown collar he was wearing when we adopted him, along with the 2013 HMDD calendar that he was in! He is missed greatly by our family and we could not have asked for a better, loving companion. I thank HMDD for allowing us to be Luke’s family for the years he belonged to us. It was certainly not long enough. When the time is right, we want to find another Dobie like Luke, but no dog will ever take his place, as he was one of a kind, ours!

Forever in our hearts Luke will stay, missed and loved greatly by Rick, Christina, Brendon, Hannah and his dog brother and sister, Missy and Morpheus.

The Reager Family



Noelle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesNoelle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOn September 25, 2015 my sweet girl Noelle lost her fight with cardiomyopathy. I found out in Jan. 2015 she had it, the vet gave her 6 to 12 months and she made it 9 months. She also had Cushing's disease which was a double whammy for her. She could hardly make it to our bed, and finally her heart was so weak she was having trouble breathing, so I knew it was time to let her go. She fell asleep with my head nuzzled in hers, the way we went to sleep before she got so sick.

Noelle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesShe was my girl the day I brought her home from HMDD May 2011. Four years were not long enough to have such a wonderful companion. See you in heaven where you will have a new heart that will never give out. Love you still. I thank HMDD for the wonderful work they do. I still have Skylar but miss my girl so much. I hope to retire the end of this year and rescue a younger dog when I have the time to devote to one.

Noelle the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesMary Jo Breiner







Navy the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIt is with great sadness and a heavy heart that my Navy runs free with all of those before him. He crossed the rainbow bridge this past Saturday with his family at his side till the very end.

To say we are devastated with losing our beautiful blue boy is not enough to express what we are feeling. I always say that he rescued me, not that I rescued him. 5 years of having him love me, all of us, was too short of time. I miss him and cry every day. Our dog Bo is missing him more and more each day. As I type this, the tears keep coming.

Thank you HMDD for selecting me to be Navy's mom the past 5 years. He brought us such joy and love and letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Dr. Caudy and the Village Gate staff were wonderful with him and he adored everyone at the clinic. Such a gentleman he was.

Navy had suffered some sort of trauma to his neck before being rescued by HMDD back in 2010, and he had difficulty walking, needing daily medication. Navy was a good boy, with a kind soul and a large, friendly smile. He was a constant companion through my battle with ovarian cancer and medical issues, never leaving my side. He was truly my best friend. His favorite thing to do was to go to the park to watch the ducks. He loved the ducks so much that his favorite toy was even a duck! Sadly, Navy's old neck injury got progressively worse and he became paralyzed, unable to walk. Despite trying everything, Navy was in pain and it was time for him to make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

I will be in touch and in time, will attend an adoption event. Navy was my best friend and my grief is overwhelming but eventually I would like to give another a loving home. If I could rescue them all I would.

He was so stoic, loving and kind. He was a hero. Always loved, always safe. I miss him terribly.

Tracy Mants (Gillum) and family

“Tra” AKA  AJ’s Startracker

Tra the doberman from Hand Me Down Dobes“Tra” AKA AJ’s Startracker passed 2-28-15 at home.
First I have to thank HMDD along with Vonnie Voorhis, Judy (foster mom), and Beth for making it possible to bring Tra into my life back in 2005. I had just lost my German Shepherd Dog to spinal disease, who was my "there" dog for 10 years. He passed at 13 years of age in 2005. My life was so empty, so I went to the internet and came across the HMDD web site after I remembered a dear friend of mine who is a Doberman Breeder and showed the breed for many, many years. I thought I didn’t want to get another puppy so I wanted to rescue a dog.

Tra the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWhen I opened HMDD’s web site and went to the dogs up for adoption, I saw Tra’s picture and it was love at first sight. I filled out the form and then went to meet Tra. The dog I rescued had to have the temperament that it takes to become a Therapy Dog and become a demo dog in my Angie’s Therapy Dog Class. He was so amazing that I brought him home that day and our world started together. He trained so nicely, and within the first three months of getting him, he got his CGC and was registered as a therapy dog. Tra was a dream and very patient when he did his demo’s for when I needed him.

Tra the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesTra visited children reading programs, OSU stress relief, Doctors Hospital, Mindy Drayer’s father at Riverside before he passed, Channel 6 Fox Newsroom for stress relief, Franklin County's Children Services holiday parties ( he loved the babies), a funeral home for stress relief and to calm the children, and helped me as my demo dog when I was asked to speak at different venues. There was no place we didn’t go together, stores excluded, and we loved every minute that we spent together. I have showed and trained horses, had race horses, and had many breeds of dogs throughout my life, but there has never been a breed that touched my life and soul the way this beautiful gentle Dobie did.

My wonderful Tra, I will miss you more than you will ever know and I know there will not be enough time till you and I are together again. I know that you are on the other side of Rainbow Bridge telling all the dogs about your adventures.
- Angie


Apollo the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesIn 2001,we adopted the handsomest little boy. His foster mom tearfully let us take him home... she had already fallen in love with him. I promised her we would love him and take care of him.... Then our adventure began. Apollo grew into the most gentle, loving blessing we could have ever asked for. He was our first child. When we finally had little ones he helped raise them, always gentle and always with them. Every person who met him loved him. He helped many people get over their fears of big dogs and changed lots of perceptions of Dobermans.

Apollo the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesFor us he was part of our family. We thought we were rescuing him, but really he rescued us. He taught us what being loved was. He snuggled us. Protected us. Loved us like only a Doberman can. He passed away at home in my arms. He lived a very happy life being loved. I am trying to find my comfort in that. We miss him terribly. We wanted to thank HMDD for allowing us to adopt him. The work you do is amazing.

Kind Regards,
The Lescody Family

Owen & Zoey

Owen and Zoey from Hand Me Down DobesOwen and I found each other not quite 5 yrs ago. He had just undergone some surgeries, and was a 7 yr old doberboy looking for love. I was moving to a new town where I knew no one and living by myself for the first time. Having had dobes growing up I thought this might be time to get one. I knew they were super loving and people would see me walking him and would think twice before messing with me. I looked at the hmdd website pics and stories but when I saw Owen I had this feeling that we needed each other. Owen was the sweetest most happy dog I'd ever met. Friends asked why would you ever want to get a dog that old? My answer was simple - even if we only have a year together it will be the best year of his life. He wanted love, but was a love giver 10 times more. He did have the dobe "look" and so people around town steered clear, but I laughed to myself cause I knew he was more likely to lick someone to death than hurt them. He always ran right up to people and wanted to kiss them all over. There were only two men that I dated that he sniffed and then ran straight to me as if to say momma I'm not sure about this one... He of course was right. Everyone else he was immediate friends with. He was quite literally the love of my life. We went through so much together. Not quite 2 years ago, Owen and I moved into our first home that I actually owned. It had more room and with Owen getting up in age, I thought maybe he'd like a girlfriend to help keep him feeling young and selfishly help me get through the inevitable time when Owen would no longer be here. Enter Zoey.

Zoey was absolutely the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen. She was 7 and Owen was 10 at that time. Perfect! She was younger but not to the point where she might play too rough. My plan backfired in a couple ways but yet became so much more than I ever thought possible in others. Owen, meet your girlfriend Zoey. Oh was he excited! Zoey, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him and little to do with me :( . It was very clear that she was extremely well trained. She didn't get on any furniture, would listen to commands two rooms away, and honestly felt a little cold, completely opposite personality of Owen. She would sit by me with her back to me ... okay, I guess she wants me to pet her, so I would for a second then she'd get up as if to say "that's enough" and go lay on her bed. Well this would not work! It took about 2 months to break her of all her "good" habits. The first time she hopped up on the couch (after 2 months of my coaxing) she put her head in my lap and I teared up. I was so afraid to touch her in fear she'd jump straight down again! Over time she not only warmed up more and more to me and to Owen but it became clear that she was extremely hungry for affection but was afraid it wasn't allowed. In the year and a half that she was with us she became a completely different dog. Her personality came out in so many ways and she became so loving, no longer standoffish and cold. There were days I'd come home from work and find Owen and Zoey snuggled up on the couch, their bed, or even mine, so close it looked like the were holding each other. The other part that sorta backfired was that I had been trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that Owen may not have a ton of time left with us, yet also in complete denial of that fact. I assumed Zoey and I had at least a few years left together and would get each other through it when the time came.

Owen and Zoey from Hand Me Down DobesOut of no where Zoey developed this huge swelling on her shoulder that continued to get worse to the point she couldn't stand up and was in a lot of pain. She had cancer in her bones and it was spreading so rapidly we realized that we'd have to say goodbye. She was 81/2 yrs old. It was much before her time. I was in complete and utter shock. Owen naturally was beside himself. 2 weeks later Owen couldn't keep down any food or water. It looked like he had eaten something that had caused a blockage and would need surgery to remove it. It was decided though that his poor old man heart wouldn't live through surgery. Again, I had to say goodbye to my beloved. Both of my doberkids gone within 3 weeks. I believe that in Owen's grief of losing Zoey he had eaten something he normally wouldn't. These two dogs were my world and the grief of losing them could never be put into words. They will forever be in my heart and I don't regret for a second having them in my life. I would do it a hundred times over even knowing the outcome. I truly believe their best years were spent with each other and me in our home. Knowing what all I gave them, they gave me so much more. Please keep my pretty baby girl Zoey and Baby O's (Owen) in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you HMDD for helping us to find each other. I know that Owen and Zoey would want me to carry on what we had to help another once I'm ready.

Thank you all,
Megan Brenner


Charlie the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesCharley-girl came into rescue in September at ten years of age, a casualty from an out-of-state move by the family that had owned her since she was a pup. Quiet, polite, and sweet as can be, Charley was placed in the caring foster home of the Bamer-Flynn family. Losing the people she'd always known was not easy for Charley, but her new foster family embraced her as one of their own, and she settled in nicely.

Recently Charley seemed unsteady on her back legs, but was still happy as ever. Sadly, she made a sudden turn for the worse, unable to bear weight on a front leg and obviously in pain. The vet confirmed our biggest fear, that cancer was the cause of the discomfort and pain, and with deep sadness we knew it was time to let her go.

Thank you to Gwenn and Sue for pampering and adoring this dobergirl, making her a beloved member of their family and being there for her until the end. Charley left her paw print on many hearts with her sweet demeanor and loving gaze from those big brown eyes. We know that this angel girl is now walking on the clouds, fancy free and no longer in pain.


Annie the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesWe got Annie on April 18, 2009 and she was 4-1/2 years old. We heard her story, that her previous owner kept her in a crate for much extended time. She had bed sores on her hips and lick granulomas on her front paws. Thankfully they finally surrended her to HMDD. We thought she was the most beautiful dog there. She seemed a little “untrained” but we wanted her anyways. We want to thank HMDD for all you did for her before we took her. She had been an abused dog and seemed out of control when we got her. She had no social skills and wouldn’t even go out in the yard without us standing with her. With lots of love, compassion and obedience training she turned out to be a “Dobie Diva”, most loyal, ornery and precious and humerous dog anyone could ask for. She loved to go for car rides, snuggle in bed, chase squirrels and play ball. After a recent 3 month illness, we had to put Annie down on April 18, 2014, exactly 5 years to the day we got her.

Thank you HMDD for giving us (and many others) the opportunity to love and cherish a beautiful dog. Even though we have giant holes in our hearts, we know Annie is in “Doggy Heaven” with no more pain and suffering, but playing with all the other doggies on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell, good friend, we miss you.
Brian and Kathie Kennedy


Roscoe the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOur sweet boy, Roscoe, crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 2, 2014.

In September of 2005, Roscoe came to us from HMDD as a one year old that was originally named Pongo. I was pregnant with our first child back then, and Roscoe was an immediate fit with us and our ever expanding family. Roscoe was the first dog my husband and our now 3 children ever owned, and the experience has only solidified our love for Dobermans. From his crooked ear, to his sucking on a blanky habit, and his being still as a statue when he thought he was camouflaged sitting on our brown couch, we miss it all. His loss has been devastating, but we are so grateful for the time we had with him.

Nichole & Matt Duetta


Hoover the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesOur beloved Hoover crossed the Rainbow bridge today. Our hearts are heavy as we will miss him terribly but we have great memories of his big personality and love of affection.

We adopted him from HMDD with the name Conner in February 2006. We greatly enjoyed the eight years of entertainment he provided.

Hopefully he is enjoying a dog park in the sky with a pond to jump into, squirrels to chase, squeaky toys to play with and a blanket to carry around.

The Kuhn family


Two hours ago I had to have my beloved Andy euthanized. I adopted him 10 years ago this month and he has been a wonderful Dobie in our household!! I was told by his foster parents that he was a "whiner" and that he was...whining got him our attention every time! I've had cats all these years and Andy took them in stride. He was great with kids too. Andy was diagnosed Oct.15th with lymphoma...I was told I could give him chemo and probably have very good results...that lymphoma was one of the more treatable cancers. . . I also was told how expensive it would be. . . as much as I hated not to give Andy every chance to live, I knew the cost of chemo was prohibitive. . . I also knew that I didn't want him at his age to go through all the side effects of the treatment. Of course denial is a beautiful thing...Andy did fairly well on the Prednisone for a few weeks, but then he started to show more symptoms last weekend. An increased Prednisone dose helped improve Andy's functioning until this afternoon. . . then he started to show signs of discomfort and restlessness that limited his getting around. . . it always takes so much strength to have a pet euthanized. . . but Andy showed me it was time to let him go and take away his pain! I thought I was going to have to euthanize him almost 2 years ago for an immune type condition that required almost a year on Prednisone therapy, but he was a trooper and improved to almost normal functioning. I was blessed to have him for this extra time! Thank you for allowing me to adopt Andy. . . he has been a joy in my household and we will miss him so very much!
Lynn (Melinda) Dunham


Summer the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesSummer went into heart failure again this week. Her cardiologist had worked hard to try to give her just a little more time. I got the call at 9am this morning. He said she was a real fighter but the meds could not make her heart work anymore. Not wanting to see her in distress, we both agreed it was time to help her move on. Summer's heart was bursting with love for everyone around her. What a cruel irony it was her heart that was failing her in the end.

After it was over this morning, I sat in my car heartbroken, with Summer in a box. I had made the final decision, I had been there at the end with her beautiful head in my lap as she passed and yet I still can't believe she is gone.

Summer the doberman from Hand Me Down DobesI adopted Summer from HMDD in Feb of 2012. Had it only been a year and 8 months? It feels like Summer had been with me a lifetime, we were so perfect for each other! She was my 24/7 gal- always ready to run an errand, drive to NYC, go to the beach, go on a hike, greet guests, hang out on the dock and cuddle on the couch. I can't tell you how much I'll miss my special SumSum. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love and care for her and of course get the same in return, if not more!

Well, I will try to bury my girl this afternoon. Her final resting place- near the shade of the apple tree overlooking the pond where she spent almost everyday digging up Muskrat dens. Her orange collar will be retired. I'll light the pine incense to guide her spirit home.

Life on the farm will never be the same.

Doberman Pinscher Club of America