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Fostering a Dog for Hand Me Down Dobes

We are faced with the reality of having to turn away Dobermans and we desperately need your help. There are dogs we cannot help because we simply do not have enough foster homes. Before you think that fostering isn't for you, PLEASE take a moment to consider fostering and email us if you have any questions.

Fostering is a rewarding experience and a chance to make a difference to one of these wonderful Dobes and the people who adopt them.

Our Rescue Program is in constant need of foster homes. By increasing the number of foster homes we have, we can be sure that we always have a safe, loving home available for the Dobes in need.

Until we can find their forever homes, we'd like to have rescued Dobes stay with a foster family. This is an important step towards the success of the dog's future placement.

Please take a moment to download and read the Foster Agreement you will be expected to sign if/when you become a fosterer for one of our dobermans.

* * * If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our online application by clicking HERE. * * *

Foster Families Have. . .

* Large amounts of patience and love
* A willingness to accept a rescue Dobe as part of their family
* The ability to reinforce basic commands (sit, stay, come)
* A safe place for the dog to stay while they are gone

Fostering FAQ:

1. What Happens If You Can't Find a Foster Home?
If we don't have an available foster home, we cannot take in a dog.
2. What Will I Be Responsible For?
Rescued Dobes need regular feeding, fresh water and a safe home. Most of all, a foster family provides the love and attention these dogs so desperately want. Foster families also provide insight to the dogs behavior, attitude and temperament so that we can place him or her in the proper forever home. Hand Me Down Dobes will cover the cost of all vaccinations and all other medical bills, food, a crate, a collar and leash. Fostering costs you very little, but the rewards are priceless.
3. How Much Advance Notice Will I Have That You Need Me To Foster?
Unfortunately, we sometimes only get a couple hours notice. In the best cases, we may have several days notice.
4. What Happens If The Rescue Doesn't Fit In My Household?
If the Dobe is not able to get along with your other dogs, cats, or family members, we would place the dog in another home.
5. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages To Fostering?
The advantages are you are providing a valuable service, perhaps saving a Dobe's life. You will meet some wonderful dogs along the way and learn more about the breed. Fostering is a way to enjoy companionship without making a lifelong commitment. You would be helping to rehabilitate a Dobe that may have been abandoned, neglected or even abused. The disadvantages are it is very easy to get attached to the Dobe you foster and it can be hard to see them go. Of course, if you decide your foster Dobe is "THE DOBE" for you, adoption is always an option. Some of our Rescues have been through a lot and have special needs. Not all Rescue Dobes are housebroken.
6. How Long Would I Have The Foster Dog?
This can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the Dobe. If he or she is heartworm positive, permanent placement can not be made until treatment is finished.
7. How Can I Become a Foster Home?
If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our online application by clicking HERE, contact us by calling (614) 470-2851, or email foster@hmdd.org. We will gladly help you evaluate your home and lifestyle to determine if you'd make a good fostering candidate.

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