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Foster Application for Hand Me Down Dobes

Thank you for your interest in fostering one of our dobes!

We can only consider applications where our volunteers can do home visits - currently Ohio, northern Kentucky, northwest Pennsylvania and some parts of Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia.

Please complete the fostering application below in order for the process to move forward.

Please list ages and gender of children living in or regularly visiting the home. If visiting please note how often.

Gender:    Live or Visit:

Gender: Live or Visit:

Gender: Live or Visit:

Gender: Live or Visit:

Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc., reserves the right to follow up on the fosterer in order to protect the welfare of the placed dog. If the terms and conditions of this agreement are not upheld by the fosterer or if any misrepresentations have been made, Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc. reserves the right to terminate this agreement and the fosterer must return the dog to the rescue program.


I understand that neither Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc., nor any of its representatives, is responsible for the accuracy of the information received about the temperament, habits, or physical condition of the dog available for fostering. I am in full agreement with the terms of Fostering Agreement. In redeeming a dog from the program, I accept full and complete responsibility for that actions of the dog in the event of an injury or death to myself or others and to indemnify and hold harmless Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc., including its representatives, agents, and board members for any such personal injury, death, or damage caused by such dog now or in the future.


Contact us by calling (614) 470-2851, or email foster@hmdd.org. We will gladly help you evaluate your home and lifestyle to determine if you'd make a good fostering candidate.

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